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Example questions for the first examination GEOLOGIC TIME SCALE (THE LANGUAGE OF GEOLOGIC TIME) Reproduce the geologic time scale in the form provided. Write in all era and period names and series/epoch subdivisions of the Cenozoic. Spell all names correctly. Worth a total of 10 points; with points taken off for errors in location on chart (- 1/2 point), inappropriate, extra names inserted (- 1/2 point), and major (or illegible) spelling errors (- 1/2 point each) NOTE: I do not provide answers to the example questions. You need to know the material well enough to evaluate the possible answers and identify the correct response -- or at the least eliminate the less appropriate responses. If you do not know the answer, go back and study the lecture notes and text. MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS The planet Earth and other terrestrial planets: A) are depleted in metals compared to the galaxy B) are enriched in metals compared to the galaxy C) have the same abundance of metals as other parts of the galaxy and solar system D) contain very little metals E) were stripped of metals by explosions of the early Sun Compared with cosmic abundances of elements, the Earth is enriched in: A) heavy inert gases B) light inert gases C) hydrogen and helium D) oxygen E) metals The age of the solar system is generally accepted as ____ billion years. A) 4.0 B) 4.6 C) 6 D) 10 E) 15 The internal heat of the Earth is the driving mechanism for: A) asteroid impact events B) plate tectonics C) reversals of the Earths magnetic field D) sedimentation E) uniformitarianism The first major event in the differentiation of the Earth was: A) formation of the atmosphere and oceans by volcanic activity B) melting of granite to form the basaltic oceanic crust C) melting of iron, leading to formation of the core of the Earth D) melting of
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106 - EXAM I - SAMPLE QUESTIONS - Example questions for the...

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