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Example questions for the second examination Variations in the amount of CO2 in the atmosphere of the Earth produce changes in: A) global sealevels B) global temperatures C) seafloor spreading D) solar radiation E) all of the above The major mechanism for removing CO2 from the atmosphere over time, is: A) freezing of glacial ice B) loss to space C) volcanic emissions D) weathering of continental rocks Icehouse climate conditions on Earth are marked by times of: A) high CO2 levels in the atmosphere B) increased release of CO2 to the atmosphere C) major continental glaciation D) very high global sealevels The rotational spin of the Earth is gradually changing, so that the length of the day is ____ and the number of days per year is ____ . A) decreasing; decreasing B) decreasing; increasing C) increasing; decreasing D) increasing; increasing The diversity and abundance of trace fossils _____ during the latest Proterozoic. A) decreased B) increased C) remained the same D) dropped to zero at the end The diversification of eukaryotes that occurred in the late Proterozoic was paralleled by: A) increased ultraviolet radiation B) increasing atmospheric oxygen levels C) origin of
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106 - EXAM II - SAMPLE QUESTIONS - Example questions for...

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