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HW1 - a Agonist b Antagonist c Competitive antagonist d...

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Drugs and Behavior, Homework 1, Fall 2008 1. What are the 4 ways that neurotransmitters can be inactivated? (1pt) 2. Compare and contrast ionotropic and metabotropic receptors (2pts). 3. What is the function of autoreceptors? (1pt) 4. Define the following terms (2pt)
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Unformatted text preview: a. Agonist b. Antagonist c. Competitive antagonist d. Noncompetitive antagonist 5. Provide and major function of each of the following neurotransmitters (2pt) a. Glutamate b. GABA c. Dopamine d. Serotonin e. Norepinephrine f. Acetylcholine...
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