Spring 09 syllabus

Spring 09 syllabus - HIST 1020 Professor Susan Kent Spring...

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Unformatted text preview: HIST 1020 Professor Susan Kent Spring 2009 Hellems 203; tel: 2-2354 Office Hours: MWF 11-12, and by appointment susan.kent@colorado.edu History of Western Civilization, 1500-Present: An Ecological Approach This course will examine the conventional subjects of western civ coursesabsolutism, the French Revolution, industrialization, world wars, and the likefrom an environmental perspective, making connections between political, social, economic, and cultural events and the physical environment in which they occur and upon which they have an impact. In lieu of a stand-alone textbook, this course will utilize an on-line textbook available through the website administered by Great River Technologies. For those of you with financial aid, you may purchase an access card through the bookstore; the rest of you will probably want to purchase access to the site on-line, as it will be discounted there. The e-text is comprised of eight chapters, each covering roughly a two-week period. Each chapter contains a quizcalled a summary analysis on the website--on the chapter contents and a second analysis of a primary source. You may complete the quizzes and analyses at any time during the two-week period assigned for the chapter; if you fail to complete them before the two-week period is up, the site will close, you will not be able to access them, and you will receive failing grades on the assignments. There will be no exceptions to this policy , so be sure to budget your time to account for illness, snowboarding accidents, snowstorms in the mountains, deaths in your family, or over-zealous weekend activities. The website will close at 10:55 PM the Sunday night following each section (e.g., for the week of Jan. 12-23, the site closes on Jan. 25). Please note that the week of the French Revolution, February 9-13, you have only a one week period in which to conclude the assignments (until, that is, Feb. 15)....
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Spring 09 syllabus - HIST 1020 Professor Susan Kent Spring...

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