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Micro QUIZ IV Questions, all answer version - Microbiology...

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Microbiology QUIZ 4 Questions 1. All of the following are true about Papillomaviruses except a. They replicate in basal epithelial cells as episomes and only a few early genes are expressed causing proliferation b. All statements are true c. They replicate productively in terminally differentiated keratinocyte cells d. They produce capsids only in differentiated cells e. *Genital papillomas can be eradicated after an infection* 2. At what stage you may find the highest number of HIV infected particles in an infected person’s blood a. AIDS b. *Acute primary/infection* c. Early symptoms d. asymptomatic 3. Highest levels of HIV virions in the blood are found during the primary/acute infection and during AIDS a. *True* b. false 4. How anti-HIV immunity (patient immune system) can cause problem for the patient a. *High level of viral particles and persistent immune activation* b. None of these c. Rapid viral replication d. Destruction of white blood cells e. Persistent immune activation 5. How does penicillin kill bacteria a. It inhibits protein synthesis b. It interferes with the process of transcription c. *It prevents completion of synthesis of cell wall* d. It prevents formation of cell membrane e. It intereferes with DNA replication 6. How does the drug AZT affect HIV a. It inhibits the capsid assembly b. It targets the viral DNA c. It inhibits viral protein synthesis d. It prevents virus from attaching to host e. *It affects the reverse transcription process* 7. Human immunodeficiency virus HIV is a. A rhabdovirus b. An enterovirus c. An adenovirus d. A herpesvirus e. *A retrovirus* 8. It is unlikely that HIV enters the body through the mucosal linings of a. vulva b. vagina c. rectum 1
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Microbiology QUIZ 4 Questions d. penis e. *mouth* 9. Lymph is blood without white blood cells a. True b. *FALSE* 10. Malaria is caused by a. Fasciola hepatica b. Giardia lamblia c. Entamoeba histolytica d. Toxoplasma gondi e. *Plasmodium falciparum* 11. Men are more likely to infect their female partners with HIV through heterosexual contact than women do to their male partners a. *TRUE* b. FALSE 12. Papillomavirus E7 binds to a. *.pRB retinoblastoma cellular protein to control cellular proliferation* b. herpesvirus VHS protein c. papillomavirus E6 promoter d. p53 tumor suppressor protein e. adenovirus E1B 13. Papillomavirus E6 protein promotes the proteolytic degradation of
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Micro QUIZ IV Questions, all answer version - Microbiology...

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