YUEN-CHWAN SHEU Eulogy - YUEN-CHWAN SHEU February 10, 1929...

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1 Another Universe My father was born in another universe. For my father, his lunar birthday was more impor- tant than his solar one. It was until recently that I realized why. His legal birthday printed on his drivers license and passport wasn’t his actual birthday. In this we share something. The birthday printed on my drivers license and passport has nothing to do with the day I was born. It’s something that happened by accident, but it’s something we’ll always share. Exile Like Moses in the wilderness, my father was denied the promised land. Separated from the land of his birth for over 69 years, discour- aged by the land he adopted for 33 years, and finally finding peace in America, where he lived for the longest for 36 years. My father was away so long from our ances- tral home that he forgot his father’s name. I visited in 1998, a last minute whim during the Mid-Autumn festival. My father remembered my grandfather’s name as Sheu Shi-you. I dis- covered it was actually Sheu You-shi. The two characters of his given name were transposed in my father’s memory, a memory fogged by exile. Over the years, he recounted his adventures in Korea. What shone through always was he loved the country and he loved the people, even if that love wasn’t always reciprocated. Here in America is where he finally made a
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YUEN-CHWAN SHEU Eulogy - YUEN-CHWAN SHEU February 10, 1929...

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