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8.02 Exam 3 Information TEST THREE Thursday Evening May 10 from 7:30-9:30 pm. The Friday class immediately following is canceled because of the evening exam. Please see announcements for room assignments for Exam 3. What We Expect From You On The Exam (1) The ability to calculate the inductance of specific circuit elements, for example that of a long solenoid with N turns, radius a , and length L . (2) An understanding of current flow in a resistive material, e.g. how J is related to I , how E is related to J , how resistance is related to resistivity, and how to calculate it. (3) An understanding of simple circuits. For example, you should be able to set up the equations for multi-loop circuits, using Kirchhoff’s Laws. You should be able to derive and guess the solution to differential equations for both RL and RC circuits, and should understand the meaning of time constants ( τ = L/R , τ = RC ) (4) An understanding of the concept of energies stored in magnetic fields, that is
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