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MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY Department of Physics 8.02 Fall 2006 Final Exam Information Big Ideas/Major Concepts: Maxwell's Equations: Gauss's Law (charge makes E fields) Magnetic Gauss's Law (no magnetic monopoles) Ampere-Maxwell Law (currents and changing E fields make B fields) Faraday's Law (changing B fields make E fields) Energy: Fields store energy. Energy can flow (Poynting vector, EM radiation) Circuits/Circuit Elements: Voltage drives current Resistors restrict current flow and DISSIPATE energy Capacitors store charge (and E field, and electric energy) Inductors "store" current (and B field and magnetic energy) Interference: Path length, maximum and minimum condition Double slit Pattern: Interference and Diffraction Specific Types of Problems you may be asked to do: Analytic problems will cover the following topics: Electric Fields Calculate using: Coulomb's Law (discrete point charges only! No continuous charge distributions) Gauss's Law Faraday’s Law (e.g. in a “charging” solenoid)
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Final_2006Fall_Information - MASSACHUSETTS INSTITUTE OF...

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