Test 2 - 31L Test #2 ( Spring 2009, Tomberg)

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Unformatted text preview: 31L Test #2 ( Spring 2009, Tomberg) Name:_______________________________ I reaffirm the Duke Community Standard. You must clearly show all your work on each problem to receive full credit. Unsupported work may receive no credit . 1 & Use Rule to evaluate the following limits. L'Hopital's s a) lim B˜ B B arctan(2 ) 3 & Use Rule to argue that every exponential function of the form will dominate any b) L'Hopital's s / 7B power function of the form as ,where 0. B B ˜ _ : ¡ : 2. Just before sinking an oil tanker carrying 100,000 cubic feet of oil has leaked its entire load into the bay. The oil slick is in the shape of a circular cylinder ( As the oil slick spreads out its thickness Z & < 2¢£ 1 # decreases at the rate of 0.002 feet per hour. How fast is the radius of the slick increasing when the oil is 0.13 feet thick? 3. After crash landing in a desert on some planet an In this problem you derive all formulas used. must astronaut performs an experiment to see if the planet could be Earth. She climbs to the top of her spaceship, which is 275 ft. high, and drops a rock. She times the fall of the rock to the ground to be 2.8 seconds. Using thisis 275 ft....
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Test 2 - 31L Test #2 ( Spring 2009, Tomberg)

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