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Notes for midterm 3 - Lecture Notes Notes(Full Tuesday 3:12...

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Lecture Notes Notes (Full) Tuesday, April 21, 2009 3:12 PM Mass Violence o 20th century the most violent o Desire to separate and exterminate Religion Citizenship Us-them dichotomy (Classifications) Race Ethnicity Potential to turn into/spark mass violence o Nazi Conscience Reading (Koonz) Complex Hitler was a good politician In the 1930s he was effective at laying the roots of anti-Semitism among Aryans They believed that their violence were in fact acts of virtue The holocaust Belief that moral justice/virtue was being done Belief that they were simply and aptly purifying the Aryan race o Belief that mass violence is justifiable Paradox Genocides, holocaust, honorable/justifiable violence o Fear of Small numbers (Appadurai) Majorities fearful of minorities Belief that minorities will take over (switch places) "justified killings" To keep order Limit minority growth Extermination for the sake of purity o Social Dynamic "ritual scapegoating" Red Sox Cubs Paradigmatic When something goes wrong the minority is blamed Violence directed toward the scapegoat (minority) Extermination of small minorities o "Anxiety of Incompleteness" (referred to in Fear of Small Numbers) Incomplete/impure until minority is exterminated Often lends to minority extermination i.e. Nazi Holocaust o Explaining origins of Mass Violence i.e. Belgian colonialism in the case of the Rwandan genocide Separation of the Hutus and the Tutsis o "Narcissism of Minor Difference" Freud The person we hate is the person who is most like us with only minor differences
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Hatred directed toward similar yet different groups i.e. Serbs-Croix i.e. Northern Ireland, Protestants-Catholics o Example: Shining Path Terrorism (local by guerillas) They would steal dynamite Insurgency 1980s Desire to uphold communist values/ideals Radical Marxism They believed they were the "last true Marxist" Leader: Guzman (Abimael Guzman) Gonzalo - "President Gonzalo" Cult personality Us-them separation, other must be annihilated Against the counter-revolutionist (capitalist, imperialist) "them" In reality were simple villagers (peasants) Paradox in that while communism was meant to be "for the people", the people were being killed The idea of glorious violence "Poetization of Death" Conscience of the Shining Path Human Rights Activism o 1700s o Noble idea without application to women, coloreds, ect. o 1949 Human Rights Act Universal Declaration of Human rights Due to the holocaust Rights to education Living Employment o Through the Cold War o Repression in the Soviet Union o Gulag Archipelago (prison camp) Slave labor Island o Latin America Dirty Wars Disappearances, kidnapping Secret prisons Tortured Until 1980s
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Notes for midterm 3 - Lecture Notes Notes(Full Tuesday 3:12...

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