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Mike McLennon MATH31 Note Sheet Definition of instantaneous velocity i.e. f(x) = then Semi-log : y = ce mt i.e. y = 4e 0.2t ; Log-log : y = cx k i.e. y = 4x 5 (Where c = e b and k = a of the slope of the log-log line) note:when ploting in TI-83 make sure to plot the log-log of the plots Estimate at t=1 if T = 12log(t+6) : T’(1) = .7445 another = .7445 Half-life equations : y = y 0 e kt to solve for use the percentage left and the time it takes to get that percentage. Local linearization = Tangent line
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Unformatted text preview: Definition of an Integral : where f’(x) = 23 corresponds to the rise of the tangent line of f(x) (When studying slopefields we know that if the funtion contains only y, the slopefield will have parrallel horizontal lines; if only x, the slopefield will have parrallel lines vetically If the lines pull away from the line of equilibrium, the equilibrium states are unstable; if the lines pull toward the line of equilibrium the equilibrium state is stable....
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