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Humanities 01.18.08

Humanities 01.18.08 - Humanities Lecture 06 01.18.08 I II...

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Humanities Lecture 06 - 01.18.08 I. Book 24 a. Literacy should end with the audience’s expectation II. Homer: How did O restores home as it is supposed to be a. Answer: O success in mastering himself and commanding others b. His society is contemporary: i. Revenge those who have done wrong to you ii. The use of violent to restore home/civilization iii. When or how will the cycle of violent end? iv. Athena: Stop your triumph and master yourself v. Prophecy told O his future - foretold in the middle of the book c. Ending - expected to see it d. Cosmic ending - things worked out well III. Bible a. New testament - many books b. Homer - one book c. Bible - 66 books, different gender i. Divided into 2 parts ii. Contain a large number of people iii. Over a long period of time iv. Old testament - 39 books; Greeks; early Christians; consensus of early Christians v. New testament - 27 books vi. ½ books - names; to teach about the future vii. Book of Songs - the longest book; songs that are sang in worship of the God in Jerusalem viii.Spine of the old testament - work of history that is thought to be accurate to the Jewish and is about God, his relationship with the Israels
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