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David James Ford John Butwell English 1020 27 March 2009 Real Estate Racism? Really? Garrow, David J. "'Family Properties' Thoroughly Examines Racism In Real Estate." Star- Telegram.com . 26 Mar. 2009. [Web] 26 Mar. 2009. A recently published book, which has already gotten a lot of attention, focuses on the racist activities that goes on in past real estate, but focuses on a specific event in 1955. This book tells the story of an African-American couple who leased a house in Hyde Park, Chicago. This is the same residential area that Barack and Michelle Obama will move into 4 decades later, but will not have near the problem Albert and Sallie Bolton will have to deal with. Unfortunately, the couple was forced to undergo an installment plan due to the federal agencies discriminating against those in racially integrated areas and not insuring their mortgage loans for buyers. The 100-year-old wooden cottage was sold to the couple by a corrupt white real estate agent, Jay Goran, due to the fact that they had very limited options at the time. Goran specialized in making
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