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The weak in silence - David Ford John Butwell English 1020...

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David Ford John Butwell English 1020 6 March 2009 The Weak In Silence "Solomon Asch : Opinions and Social Pressure (1955)." Panarchy . [online] 4 Mar. 2009 A social psychologist, Solomon Asch, conducted a well-know experiment that showed how one person in a mass crowd, will conform to their mindset even if their ideas are completely different from the majority, just to not cause disturbance. People have a big tendency to conform and keep quiet, providing that it keeps them from trouble, even if the ideas completely go against the subjects' beginning views. This was a very simple experiment, but proved a great point. Asch began by bringing in six subjects to be tested. Five of the subjects were already informed of what they will be doing, leaving the actual experiment on the other person. Asch sat the six men at a table, all facing the same direction. The first four and the sixth seat were occupied by those who were not actual subjects, with the fifth seat holding the actual subject. Asch would then explain to the
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