Humanities 01.25.08

Humanities 01.25.08 - Humanities 01.25.08 I The first five...

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Humanities 01.25.08 I. The first five books are written by many people. a. Documents not stories b. The bible is originated from documents c. The first chapter of genesis is a distant story d. What is the real story that needs to be preserve? ALL OF THEM e. Putting together into one document took place over 200 years f. The story comes from many places; similar story, different names for Gods, ways to worship God, lots of religious techniques g. Comes from different perspectives h. 700 BC attempt to combine all the version into one edition i. 587 BC protect and conserve the documents j. We want to preserve the documents k. They want to know what was written about gods, the laws, and religion l. First 5 books of bible - continuous story m. Written before Homer II. Theory: reflect perspectives and views of god and our relationship with god. III. Another questions: Were these documents prepare under his direction a. God doesn’t look the same in each book b. People wonder god is a god of mercy forgive people and a god of justice (flood, punishment you) c. How can god have both qualities? d. Example: gave lecture and look at his friend (know his friend very well) e. Cosmetic god (different from us) f. garden Eden walking in the garden just like us IV. G.18 - Abram and Sarah have lunch god is like us argue and talk to us like a friend V. G. 32 - Jacob wrestling with God: chapter 32; touch his thigh and his limp was hurt; Jacob didn’t let go until he is blessed.
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Humanities 01.25.08 - Humanities 01.25.08 I The first five...

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