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David J. Ford English 1010 John Butwell 10 November 2008 Life Is A Headache Mueller, Sue. "Some Basics About Migraines." Food Consumer . 8 Nov. 2008. Food Consumer. 9 Nov. 2008  <http://foodconsumer.org/7777/8888/a_ffluent_d_iseases_52/110803552008_some_basics_about_ migraine.shtml>. A recent study performed by Dr. Chirstopher I. Li of the Fred Hutch Cancer Research Center in Seattle produced results that showed that women who experienced migraines, had a 30 percent lower chance of having breast cancer. His study took a total of 3,412 post-menopausal women and compared the incidence of migraines occurring between the 1,474 who had no current history of breast cancer and the 1,938 who had been diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their life. According to some researchers, those who had lower levels of estrogen had more migraines as opposed to those who had higher levels of estrogen were at a greater risk of breast cancer. Not all scientist agree on this theory. Migraine are similar to headaches, but with a more serious effect on the human body.
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