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-1 AMSI Notes 9-16-08 Source Control - Withholding and/or distortion of information to keep the truth from becoming know by the people and press. Government control - The most often used reason for the withholding of information by the government is national security by the use of the entire system of legally classifying documents as secret, top-secret, or “for eyes only” The most forceful mechanism to block information from the press and the people is the use of Executive privilege. Executive privilege - The power claimed by the President of the united states and other members of the executive branch to resist certain search warrants and other interventions by the legislative and judicial branches of the government and the press. The concept is not found in the Constitution . It is an untested doctrine because the presidents have
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Unformatted text preview: sidestepped confrontations with the Congress, thus avoiding a Supreme Court ruling. Washington set the precedent. In 1796, he refused to turn over documents about a recently passed treaty by the Senate to the House, claiming executive privilege. United States of America v. Nixon [1974] President Clinton claimed executive privilege and lost when a federal judge [no the US Supreme Court] ruled Clinton aides could be called to testify in the Monica Lewinsky scandal. [1998] President Bush has used it to deny access to secret Whit House meetings between Vice President Cheney and powerful energy corporations in the formation of national energy policy. Upheld in the federal courts. [2004] The word for the day is “SHIT”!...
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