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AMSI NOTES 11-11-08 Listened to this soldier audio from the NPR radio station. And I cant type worth shit today!!!!!!!!! Recording 1950's was a rebellious era with rock n roll being the most rebellious thing around, changing the culture of sex, drugs, and rock and roll. San Francisco became the hippie headquarters and created the underground press. Television took pictures of this country of rebellion and racism. Started broadcasting segregation acts and stuff. Marvin Gaye-”Divided soul”- Summary of all that was motown. The last 2 years of his life, he was
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Unformatted text preview: butchered by the press about his theories on people and their inner music demon. IN 22 years, he recorded 22 ablums and enjoyed 44 hits. He was shot by his father the day before his 45 th birthday. His father told the washington post that he (marvin) was abused and battered and had demons within. 70% of Rap is produced by african americans. Its been frowned upon for the longest time. AND personally, I hate rap with a passion. “Bitches and Hoes” must be his favorite saying. Watched a movie on music and culture and how it affects society....
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