American Media & Controls Study Guide Test One-1

American Media & Controls Study Guide Test One-1 -...

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            American Media and Social Institutions Study Guide Test One From the text: Know the key terms at the end of Chapters One, Fifteen and Sixteen.  From lectures:  Human communication and myth: Communication defined. Researchers who developed the language of communication Power of myth: Definition; Planter Society; City on a Hill;  Gone with the Wind , Jaws,  Hurricane Carter; Imagination Human communication formative influences: genetics; family; peer group; faith and  values: spirituality; religion: faith, Agnositicism; atheism; education; media  knowledge Human communication: Symbolic speech and meaning; body language; facial  expressions; modes of dress; gestures; space; color and race; sounds; touch/Vincent  Canetti. Human communication: The word. Language, identity, suppression, euphemisms,  Eskimos & art; intrapersonal communication; interpersonal communication; 
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Unformatted text preview: connotative and denotative meanings; tonal quality; hate speech, politically correct speech, culture wars, double speak: euphemisms, jargon, bureaucratese or gobbledygook, puffery, disinformation: white, black propaganda Human communication: psychological barriers: selection attention, perception, retention, noise, redundancy. Mass communication: definition; magic bullet theory , persuasion, agenda setting, norms & culture; modeling; apathy. Marshall McLuhans theories. Four theories of the press; Controls of information: Source; Government and Legal; Societal Control; Media Control; Advertiser Control. The First Amendment: 43 words; the philosophies that created its development; what each section of the amendment does; what accelerated the development of those freedoms; Alien and Sedition Acts. All DVDs shown....
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American Media & Controls Study Guide Test One-1 -...

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