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AMSI NOTES 10-7-08 Extra Credit- Tomorrow in KUC auditorium-Gathering of journalists. One page paper on what I learned from th session you attended Due Thursday There are 3 major forces that pushed forward the philosophies found within the First Amendment and the beliefs associated with freedom of expression in the nation. 1. Technology- From Gutenberg's movable type system to the Internet revolution 2. Economics- Which gave rise especially after WWII to the rise of the largest middle class in world history with large amounts of expendable income. 3. Education- Which led to the rise of scientific inquiry and the rise of the secular state, a state freed from the bonds of religion. The functions and values of a system of freedom of expression in a democratic society (See thomas I. Emerson-Expression-action theory pg. 438 in txt)
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Unformatted text preview: They are means to: ● Achieve Individual self-fulfillment ● Discover truth ● Make decisions democratically. ● Achieve a more adaptable and more stable community, the fragile balance between healthy cleavage and necessary consensus. Freedom to communicate without fear of government sanction or censorship Freedom from compulsory speech. Free access to effective channels of communication. Freedom from government domination of the free speech environment. Justifications for restriction of free speech and Expression ● Individual rights should not supersede the needs of the community. Those who support this position are known as communitarian. ● Speech rights should not supersede other individual rights such as privacy. ● Speech rights do not guarantee effective freedom....
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