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AMSI NOTES 10-16-08 Four important Periods in the history of the book 1. 7 th to 13 th century: The age of the religious manuscript. 2. 13 to 15 th century: the secularization of books trying to explain the observable world this was driven by two things: The rise of universities in Europe, spreading for Italy. AND The return of th crusaders in the 13 th century, who brought texts with them Byzantium. These books are written during the Greek and roman periods of history and are focused on wold concerns.
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Unformatted text preview: 3. 15 th to16th century: the first printed books and they are versions of traditional religious materials. 4. 16 th to 17 th century: New information appears in books and changes European life and society. Papyrus- Rather thick leaves, soaked into a grid and let them dry to form their own paper Parchment- Animal skin, beaten so thin, you could see through it. Scroll- You should know Gutenburg: 1. Did not invent movable type....
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