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AMSI Notes 10-28-08 - People Time Warner=Timewarner Doing...

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AMSI NOTES 10-28-08 Sports Illustrated -1964-$10 million starting worth Cosmo - started in 1886, produced in 32 languages, sent to 100 countries. Read religiously for those w ho love fiction, then became an investigation magazine. Hellen Gurley Brehm-”Cosmo is boring and people don't like to be bored. Women need a magazine for sexual freedom. Continuing to sell well, but they are covered up in stores to not corrupt the youth. Vanity Fair - 1914- Rolling Stone - Radical magazine- All about sex, drugs, and rock n roll. Started by John Wynner. 2002, he turned the magazine over to British editors. John Johnson - Born into adject poverty, he was black and now one of 400 richest people in America. Started the Black Entertainment Company, there was racism from the lending institutions. First issue sold 50,000 copies. Established JET in 1951, which was a black news circulatory. Died in 2005. Harry Lewis and Bret Hayne -They think the American press is lame, it stinks and needs to look at the whole world. Covered religion, art, and prejudice.
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Unformatted text preview: People, Time+Warner=Timewarner, Doing well. And Martha is back-THE NEWSPAPER- Japan reads more newpapers than any other capita. Publik Occurrences-Adolf Ochs- The new owner of the new york times, he preached an impartial form of journalism. It was “just the facts ma'am” newspapering and aimed an tan intelligent reader. The press lord, William randolph Hearst. He wanted 'journalism of action” and lets “get things done” journalism. In 1895, he became publisher of New York Journal. Love new technology, aggressive coverage of sports, and was an activist in public affairs. His critics called his journalism “yellow” Lincoln Steffens. He was named city editor of the New York Commercial Advertiser in 1897. He advocated literary journalism, hired college graduates rather than journalism, wanted stories to be in-depth. From 1880-1908, Hungarian Immigrant to fight in the war. Not a frugal man, goes to st. louis, name is joseph pulitzer. Established the St. Louis Post....
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