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AMSI NOTES 11-18-08 - AMSI NOTES Television Still more...

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AMSI NOTES 11-18-08 Television Still more reviled and laughed at than taken seriously. 1961-”Television in the US is nothing more than a vast wasteland.”-Newton Minno-Made a speech to the National Association of Broadcasters. Speech was about what what television is, what it was, and what it has become. E. B. White-Wrote amazing small children's books. Lyndon Johnson-Tries to get $$$ for a network to educate the people-”Public Broadcasting” He was a marvelous politician. Johnson and White worked together to create PBS. Television programming starts off being news. CBS becomes the dominant news channel over NBC. 60-Minutes has been the #1 watched program for the last 2 weeks. NBC has started to show some of the best battle footage from the wars overseas. Good God, this man is random. TELEVISION PROGRAMMING Edward R. Murrow Entertainment: Situation comedy -Simplest of all tv programs. No real dynamic subtlety in it. Shortened to sitcom. Establish situation, complications and end the show in total confusion. Myth- “Everything is going to come out alright.” Queen of sitcom is Lucille Ball.
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  • Television program, TELEVISION PROGRAMMING Edward, Television erodes inhibitions, real dynamic subtlety, E. B. White-Wrote

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