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Unformatted text preview: AMSI Self Study Guide Communication- From the root word, communis, shared. The process of exchanging “meanings” between individuals through a common system of symbols. Language developers-Developed by Bell Laboratories in the area of tele phony and in mathematics. Later work is done by scientists. Myth- Real or fictional story, reoccurring theme, or character type that appeal to the consciousness of people by embodying its felt emotions. OR a fictional or half-truth, especially one that forms the ideology of a society. EX:myth of racial superiority or the planters society. Planter Society-Social classifying on wealth. City On A Hill-The spread of Christian charity, city on a hill can not be hid- John Winthrop Gone With The Wind-Sets stereotypes about men. (no crying, messy, tough)-Scarlett O'Harra Jaws-There is noo way great White's are that big and tough/first blockbuster. Hurricane Carter- Put in jail for murder. People made myths to believe his innocence. Imagination- Whatever myth you can think of in your own head. Megaforces:-What makes you, YOU! Genetics -The physical creation and structure of you. Family- Anyone who is cared for and is loved by a group of people. Peer Group-Shapes everything about you/creates norms Faith and Values-The moral upbringings Spirituality-Concerned with things of the spirit. Thoughts, life, religion. Religion,faith, agnosticism-An intellectual doctrine or attitude affirming the uncertainty of all claims to ultimate knowledge. Atheism -Having no religious ties Education -The foundations of learning. Media Knowledg e -The info we gather from a multitude of sources. It is twisted enough by the author to impress you to take their side of the story because many people do not have a formal education and don't seek anymore than what they are shown or told so they carry the info around as truth and repeat it. Human Communication Definition Symbolic speech and meaning-Where a symbol itself is so powerful, it brings a/b responses which are very powerful, the oldest know symbol for love and peace is the swastika Body language-How you react to certain situations. Very powerful to use your body. Shows meanings through motion.(Wave, wink, peace sign, power!, giving the bird) Facial expressions- Shows meanings through the face.(Wink, smile, frown, tongue stick out) Modes of Dress- Gestures-A motion of the limbs or body made to help express thought or to emphasize speech. (talking with hands) Space- Americans are very uses to apace . Space is a form of communication and it can make people feel very uncomfortable Color and race-KKK Religion, swastika Sounds- Touch/Vincent Canetti- Italy pinch. Beautiful story of his wife. There is nothing a man fears more than touch alone, it is only in a crowd when a man can be free of his fear for a touch....
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AMSI STUDY GUIDE - AMSI Self Study Guide Communication From...

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