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David J. Ford University 1010 Tech Wubneh 6 October 2008 Three Cups Of Tea By: Greg Mortenson Three Cups of Tea is not only a good book, but an amazing story of one man who dedicated his life to serving others. This man is Greg Mortenson and he is one of the most generous, kind, and heart-filled person I have ever read about in my lifetime. Greg was not a selfish man, for he built a school for local children to learn at up to the fifth grade, and he built a bridge for the little town of Korphe. Financially, Mortenson could execute these tasks alone, but with the help of one specific sponsor, which I will get to later in the paper, Mortenson was able to complete his tasks. Even though he had the money, Mortenson still faced many obstacles along his journey to helping a Pakistani community, along with some family issues also. Greg Mortenson has always been a compassionate person, being raised in the Tanzanian, the son of the missionaries there, helping his family bring compassion, generosity, and love for the local villages. In his adulthood, Mortenson worked as nurse to support himself, but his real passion was scaling mountains. The money he worked for in the U.S. helped pay for his equipment, airfare, and all of the necessities he would need to complete a climb. In 1993, Mortenson began to climb the famous K2 in the Himalayas in which he would dedicate this climb to his sister, Christa, who passed away from an illness she had had since she was a child. Due to lack of resources and supplies, Greg failed his attempt of scaling K2 and began to wander in search of somewhere safe to stay.
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3 cups of tea - David J. Ford University 1010 Tech Wubneh 6...

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