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Humanities 02.13.08 - Humanities 02.13.2008 Plato 1....

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God is at the top of the pyramid. Humanities 02.13.2008 Plato 1. metaphysics – to find the truth and beyond the truth i. forms ii. images / appearance b. the table is not real because it can go away c. more important than the material object is the idea of the object d. ideas are more important – idealism 2. idealism a. ideas take priority over other things b. ideas 3. real or not real a. for it to be real, is can’t go away and exists forever b. having sex is on a material level an idea that comes out of the experience; wanting truth, love, goodness and experience is forever (the ultimate pleasure) c. internal mind – god (in the mind) 4. Deductive vs. inductive (empirical) a. Deductive - Starting with the ideas that is truth and bringing out ideas from that ideas - starting with the same perspective i. All man are mortal and will die ii. Based on logical or reasonable deduction b. Inductive – based on the experiences of the world and try to approach some truth - reasoning based on experiences i. Class full of students who doesn’t like to write therefore they will not write the paper
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5. Platonic Reasoning a. Used a deductive reasoning b. Problem: not all problems are approachable with deductive reasoning c. Important: there are numerous ways for investigation d. Institutional – like an university to teach Plato’s philosophy i. High education ii. Occupational - No one about some occupations (philophers . . etc)
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Humanities 02.13.08 - Humanities 02.13.2008 Plato 1....

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