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Unformatted text preview: LO-14Voting, Campaigning, and ElectionsGeneral•Few things more important to Framers of Constitution than elections•18thC English citizens •had little to say on who governed them•Elections to House of Commons tightly controlled by aristocrats and landed gentry•Even colonists didn’t elect own legislators•Governed by royal appointed governors•The King’s men not the peoples chosen reps•Framers also aware that Republic could founder because•leaders might try to manipulate elections, •tamper w/terms of office,•simply abolish elections, or•keep the people’s representatives from meeting •So they were interested establishing a government that •was not able to subverted by a powerful execute,•responsive to the wishes of the people, •and one that was guided by prudent judgment not whim or emotion•To constrain executive attempts to manipulate elections, tamper w/terms of office, or abolish elections, keep the people’s representatives from meeting, the Framers were very specific in the Constitution on•Who could be elected & how often•How the people in the states would be represented•And how often the people’s representative would meet 1House of Representatives•Mbrs chosen every 2 yrs•At least citizen for 7 yrs•At least 25 yrs old •Inhabitant of State representing •Representation by population •Each State to have at least one Senate•Chosen by state legislatures (repealed by 17thAmend) for 6 yr terms •1/3rdelected every 2 yrs (continuity) •at Least 35 yrs old •Inhabitant of State representing •At least citizen for 9 yrs •Each have one vote Timing of elections•Prescribe by state legislatures •But Congress may make or alter such regulations, except for Senators...
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LO-14+AG+Voting,+Campaigning,+_+Elections - LO-14Voting...

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