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LO-13Br+AG+Interest+Groups - Interest Groups Interest...

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Interest Groups Interest Group (IG): An organization of individuals who share a common political goal and Unite for the purpose of influencing government decisions. Thus IGs are: Organized : leaders, goals, means of raising money Members are in general agreement: on one or more issues Limited goals Objective: to influence public policy Why Interest Groups Emerge Economic developments: New industries generate IGs 1800s: RR Early 1900s: labor unions Late 1900s: electronic, computer, and internet based companies Government policies: for example: War generates veterans groups, new so Proposed changes in Medicare or Medicaid, licensing and regulatory laws, etc. all are likely to generate IGs One IG begets another Business based IGs form to oppose the demands of Labor IGs Pro-choice groups may form to oppose Pro-life groups Etc IGs may form around a strong leader Ralph Nader – consumer advocacy Pat Robertson – Christian Coalition IGs may form to effect social change Gay rights Women’s rights Etc 1
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Provide advantages over individual efforts Money o For Managing & Professional staff o To influence The public through information The leadership through campaign contributions Leadership Advantage of Numbers Interest Groups in the US
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LO-13Br+AG+Interest+Groups - Interest Groups Interest...

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