LO-12BR+AG+Political+Parties - LO-12Political...

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Unformatted text preview: LO-12Political PartiesFunctions of Political Parties in DemocraciesElectioneering/Select and sponsor Candidates for officeSome countries: Pol Parties develop lists of candidatesEarly US: candidates frequently chosen by important party officialsUS today: PartiesChoose candidatesParties find candidates to runNot hard for high-profile officesSometimes very hard for low-profile local officesEsp difficult to recruit candidates to run against incumbentsGenerally candidates participate in party primariesFor US Pres: Ultimately selected by state delegations at Natl conventions following primary elections caucusDefine Policy Agenda- Party PlatformHelp during Election PhaseParties help organize & mobilizeGoverning/Help Organize GovtControl governmentTop leadership positions in Executive Branch held by Pres partyTop leadership positions in Senate & House held by winning partyProvide teams that can work togetherProvide cohesion between branches of govtProvide information to party membersProvide a vocal oppositionoAdversarial voiceoA check on governmentoAn alternate view...
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LO-12BR+AG+Political+Parties - LO-12Political...

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