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LO-12BR+AG+Political+Parties - LO-12 Political Parties...

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LO-12 Political Parties Functions of Political Parties in Democracies Electioneering /Select and sponsor Candidates for office Some countries: Pol Parties develop lists of candidates Early US: candidates frequently chosen by important party officials US today: Parties Choose candidates Parties find candidates to run Not hard for high-profile offices Sometimes very hard for low-profile local offices Esp difficult to recruit candidates to run against incumbents Generally candidates participate in party primaries For US Pres: Ultimately selected by state delegations at Natl conventions following primary elections caucus Define Policy Agenda - Party Platform Help during Election Phase Parties help organize & mobilize Governing/Help Organize Govt Control government Top leadership positions in Executive Branch held by Pres party Top leadership positions in Senate & House held by winning party Provide teams that can work together Provide cohesion between branches of govt Provide information to party members Provide a vocal opposition
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LO-12BR+AG+Political+Parties - LO-12 Political Parties...

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