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Unformatted text preview: LO-03CONSTITUTIONAL FRAMEWORKHOW DO CONSTITUTIONS DIFFER?Amer Const: oldest written national constitutionoOnly 4 nations have constitutions written before 1900Norway, Argentina, Luxembourg, & ColumbiaoOnly 15 current national constitutions existed before WW ISince 1970 nearly 100 nations have adopted new constitutions5 nations(UK, New Zealand, Israel, Saudi Arabia, & Oman) do not have written constitutions.MANY NATIONS MODEL THEIR CONSTITUTIONS AFTER THE USBut reflect the pol culture & history of the peopleE.g. Japan/Germany were influenced by US during post-WW IISome Const may possess internal contradictionsSome emulate, in part, concept of separation of powers like USHOW DO AUTHORITARIAN CONSTITUTIONS DIFFER?If ideology predominatesAuthoritarian constitutions may define spiritual rather than materials goalsSome authoritarian countries have democratic sounding Constitutions, but ignore themSometimes authoritarian govts acknowledge Const rights, but when threatened suspend them under guise of Martial LawHOW DO TOTALITARIAN CONSTITUTIONS DIFFER?Usually inspired by ideology(like USSR)Frequently provide both pol & econguaranteesMay promise a great deal to citizensE.g. right to work, increased incomeAlso may permit state to be involved in citizens lives more than in Demo countriesE.g. USSR Charged to develop sports, spiritual develop of young, moral & ethical ed, etc....
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