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Unformatted text preview: LO-02A-BAmerican Citizens, Political Culture, and Political IdeologyWho Are We? What Do We Believe?oOur roots as immigrants and the role of immigration in American politicsoDemographic trends that help us see what Americans are like in terms of crucial variables such as age, race, income level, and education, and the ways these trends affect American political lifeoAmerican political beliefs—those that pull us together as a nation and those that drive us into partisan divisions Who are we?oThe United States is incredibly diverse and constantly changing.oPopulation trends include rising percentages of senior citizens, ethnic minorities, immigrants, and non-English speakers in the American population.Where do we come from?oAmerican Citizens: You are an American citizen if you areBorn in the United States, whether or not parents are citizens (jus soli –“the right of the soil”) Born to American parents abroad (jus sanguinis – “the right by blood”).oImmigrants:citizens or subjects of other countries who move to another country to live or workoNaturalization:the legal process of acquiring citizenship for someone who has not acquired it by birthSample naturalization exam questionsoWho elects the president of the United States?oWho said “Give me liberty, or give me death?”oIn what year was the Constitution written?oIn what month is the new president inaugurated?NonimmigrantsoThose seeking asylumAsylum:protection or sanctuary, especially from political persecutionRefugees:individuals who flee an area or country because of persecution on the basis of race, nationality, religion, group membership, or political opinionoNonpermanent residentstudents, workers, visitorsoIllegal immigrantsavoid U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services regulationsOften obey laws, pay taxes, but strain some statesU.S. immigration policyoWe control immigration becauseWe prefer to admit those able to help the United StatesWe historically have limited immigration of some groupsChinese Exclusion Act of 1882oImmigration law today is controlled by the Department of Homeland Security...
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LO-02+AG+Amer+Citizens,+Pol+Cul+_+Ideology -...

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