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ORIGINS OF THE AMERICAN REPUBLIC General Amer Rev was conservative Americans declared independence from England Reluctantly They sought not a new order, but restore the rights taken from them de Tocqueville “The great advantage of the Americans is that they have arrived at a state of democracy w/o having to endure a democratic revolution.” “Americans (other than blacks) were not an oppressed people; they had no crushing shackles to throw off. In fact, the Americans knew they were probably freer and less burdened and cumbersome feudal and hierarchical restraints than any part of mankind in the 18 C.” Indeed, Amer Revol was hardly a revolution at all. o No sharp breaks with the past o No great social, economic, or political upheavals o Rather colonist were demanding their rights as Englishmen As result, Amer Revol did not open class wounds. Background Origins of Amer Republic - found in profound political currents of that time Western Civilization: undergoing gradual change since millennium – with major questions being asked o Who should hold power and why? o What was proper relationship between man to man and man to state? Organization of Western societies: o In 12 th -13 th C A few families owned the land Those that did in development societies ruled Right to rule passed from generation to generation Forced was principal means of control There was only one source of power, namely landed property o By end of 13 th C: political power began moving to Clergy Clergy opened to all Equality began to insinuate itself into fiber of society
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o Then came need for need for civil laws/ lawyers o Then came the growth of trade. Money became a political force o Trade became a new way of gaining power and merchants became politically influential o By 17th and 18th C intellectuals becoming a force Knowledge became a tool of government Intellect became a social force Educated men began to play a role in the affairs of state In Sum, As new roads to power were found, the value of birth decreased. o In the 11 th C, nobility was inestimable worth o In the 13 th C it could be bought o Equality finally introduced into government The Enlightenment Had great impact on Amer Rep. W/ the Enlightenment came the investigation of people and things o propelling the enlightenment increase in travel and trade discovery of new lands and cultures Effects of capitalism o But more than anything: Science Rise of science and scientific investigation and Development of new mathematical tools o Impact of Sir Isaac Newton Discovered there was a natural order to the physical universe and That order could be discovered through reason and investigation
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LO-01+AG+Origins+Of+Amer+Revolution[1] - ORIGINS OF THE...

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