312 Hwk1 - Q010HWK1.NumberCalled, Q010HWK1.CallDuration,...

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Jim Liu ORIE3120 HWK1 3.  SQL Statement for first query(Q010HWK1): SELECT CallHistory.CountryCodeCalled, CallHistory.AreaCodeCalled,  CallHistory.NumberCalled,  DateDiff("n",CallHistory.TimeCallInitiated,CallHistory.TimeCallTerminated) AS CallDuration,  CallDuration*CallHistory.RatePerMinute AS CallCost FROM CallHistory; SQL Statement for 2 nd  query(Q020HWK1 based on Q010): SELECT Q010HWK1.CountryCodeCalled, Q010HWK1.AreaCodeCalled, 
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Unformatted text preview: Q010HWK1.NumberCalled, Q010HWK1.CallDuration, Q010HWK1.CallCost FROM Q010HWK1 WHERE (((Q010HWK1.CallCost)>=5)) ORDER BY Q010HWK1.AreaCodeCalled; Final Query Report: Q020HW1 based on Q010 CountryCodeCal led AreaCodeCall ed NumberCall ed CallDuratio n CallCos t 1 615698- 4791 59 $5.31 1 700315- 8716 56 $5.04 1 867721- 6081 59 $5.31 1 931647- 8147 57 $5.13...
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