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OB 2nd group, 1st reading outline Curtain

OB 2nd group, 1st reading outline Curtain - Jim Liu Outline...

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Jim Liu Outline for Curtain Article Emergent Leadership, Case Study of a Jury Foreperson by Joseph L.Curtain A case study of emergent leadership, and how a group member emerges and maintains a leadership position. -The author is selected to a jury, and decides to become the leader and jury spokesperson to help the jury arrive at the most just verdict possible Review of Literature -Stages to becoming a leader according to Tuckman: 1) Orientation, where group member announces candidacy to become leader. 2) Conflict, leadership conflict between 2 or more group members. 3) Emergence, group members subordinate themselves to the leader. -Hollander says leaders have to be innovators, or he will lose credits with the group and be replaced. Case and Jury -Ex-spouse files complaint against divorce attorney citing the attorney failed to exercise reasonable care and skill during the divorce process; divorce attorney files counter complaint. -Jury has 12 people: the leader (author), attorney, marketing executive, engineer, teacher, paralegal,
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