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Jim Paochun Liu 6112 Cascadilla Hall Ithaca, NY 14853 (607) 240-1677 [email protected] March 23, 2009 Director of Human Resources Tablerock Inc. 4790 Red Bank Expressway Ste 206 Cincinnati, OH 45227 Dear Mr. Kris Milburn, As a student who has never missed a school or work-related deadline, I am confident my outstanding qualifications and experience in operations, management and finance make me an excellent candidate for the Data Stewardship Intern position at Standard & Poor’s advertised through The McGraw-Hill Companies’ career opportunity website. As a current Cornell sophomore majoring in Operations Research & Engineering, I have learned to focus on the analytical components of a situation, with an eye for optimization when it comes to making a decision. I also have a sufficient financial and business analysis background through various finance classes and an active involvement in the Cornell Investment Club. In addition to my relevant coursework, my work as an assistant manager at the Endwell Motel provided me with a great opportunity to improve
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Unformatted text preview: on my communications and leadership skills through interactions with co-workers and a dedication to customer satisfaction. Highlights from my experience and credentials: • Promotion from a clerk to assistant manager at the Endwell Motel; welcomed back for the upcoming summer. • Development and implementation of a database to maintain customer registration information. • Organization of the Engineering Student Council Leadership Summit at Cornell University in the spring of 2008. • Successful stock pitch of America Movil Company. Passed by the Cornell Investment Club with the purchase of $5000 worth of shares. I am eager to speak to you to discuss my possible contributions as an intern at Standard & Poor’s. I will be in touch with you within a week, and if you need to contact me, please call 607-240-1677 or email me at [email protected] Thank you for your time and consideration. Sincerely yours, Jim Paochun Liu...
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