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Humanities 02.22.08

Humanities 02.22.08 - Humanities 02.22.08 1 Aristophanes a...

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Humanities 02.22.08 1. Aristophanes a. Satire of the democracy from a conservative view b. Something is legitimacy i. Something that didn’t get made up just now but was a past, old, tradition ii. Past law – just know, never written down c. Great poet d. 2. Conservative a. No specific content b. Whatever people want to keep from the past: priorities, traditions i. You want to conserve those traditional values 1. Aristophanes – birds a. Microcosiny of Athenian country i. A small world ii. Small representation of the problems iii. Usage of family 1. Similar representation of a society 2. Problems a. Traditional orders are not being follow i. Son rebel against father – untraditional 3. How a family works as a society 4. Usage of Homer a. Shows values in family b. Progressive b. Your way of thinking – you are the judge; the final decision c. Page 100 i. Reasons for beating of father
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1. Father beat you when you were small to teach you – reciprocal ii. Persuasion iii. Man + democracy = make laws iv. Past – do you believe the story Homer tells you 1. Talking to the god because they have the values. What if they are like you with the same laws? a. They are not much different from us b. They are just natural leaders v. We have old laws – why can’t we make new laws 1. Nature of democracy 2. Nature of individual a. Arguing about new things b. Supreme people vi. Law 1. people to make law that I want is good enough a. Forget homer and god b. Majority in favor of a certain law is wrong i. Individual dialogue ii.
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