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PSY_200_Test_2_Guide_7 - Cognition Cognition All mental...

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Cognition Cognition: All mental activities associated with acquiring, storing, retrieving, and using knowledge Stroop Effect: The tendency to read the word, instead of saying the color of ink as instructed (the word “RED” is typed in green ink. You say red when you should say green) Problem Solving: The thought process by which an individual overcomes obstacles to reach a goal. o Identify the Problem o Gather Information Relevant to the Problem o Try Out a Solution o Evaluate Results Experts o Becoming an expert takes years of practice and effort (10 years) o Recognize and memorize familiar and meaningful patterns more rapidly. Barriers To Effective Problem Solving o Irrelevant Information People tend to think numerical information is relevant o Functional Fixedness The tendency to adhere to a single approach or a single way of using an item Maier String Problem 2 strings with pliers Duncker Candle Problem Candle, box of matches, thumb tacks, and string o
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