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Hypnosis Can: o Inhibit pain or act as an anesthesia o Posthypnotic Suggestion: A suggestion to do or experience something after coming out of hypnosis. o Disinhibition: Changing what a person wants to do. Lowering their inhibition o Posthypnotic Amnesia: Selective amnesia of the events that occurred during hypnosis. o Positive Hallucination: Person sees something that is not actually there. o Negative Hallucination: Person doesn’t see something that is actually there. o Hypermnesia: Persons remembers very vividly something they hadn’t realized they remembered. Hypnosis Cannot: o Give people special strength or unusual power o Make people report information correctly. o Make people do anything Neodissociation Theory o Ernest Hilgard o Hypnosis is an altered state o Hypnosis is a dissociation of consciousness into separate channels of mental activity
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Unformatted text preview: Sociocognitive Theory o Barber and Spanos o Hypnosis is a product of expectations. o Hypnotically induced effects are not due to an altered state of consciousness but rather social role expectations. Psychoactive Drugs: Normal waking consciousness can be altered by psychoactive drugs, which are chemicals that induce changes in mood, thinking, perception, and behavior by affecting neuronal activity. o Depressants Reduce arousal by inhibiting activity in the central nervous system. Ethyl Alcohol Barbiturates Inhalants Opiates o Stimulants Increase arousal Caffeine Nicotine Amphetamines Cocaine o Hallucinogens Induce extreme alterations in consciousness LSD Marijuana or Hash Caffeine is the most widely used drug....
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PSY_200_Test_2_Guide_6 - Sociocognitive Theory o Barber and...

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