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PSY_200_Test_2_Guide_3 - • Alzheimer’s • Hysterical...

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Anterograde (Post Traumatic): Inability to store new long term memories after suffering an injury to the head. Retrograde: Loss of memory for events that occurred shortly before the brain damage. Post Traumatic: Korsakoff’s Syndrome: Memory loss caused by alcohol abuse. The person's short- term memory may be normal, but they will have severe problems recalling a simple story, lists of unrelated words, faces and complex patterns. Childhood/Infant: This refers to a person's inability to recall events from early childhood.
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Unformatted text preview: • Alzheimer’s: • Hysterical: Amnesia linked to psychological trauma. It is usually temporary and can be triggered by a traumatic event with which the mind finds it difficult to deal. Motivated Forgetting: Trying not to remember, or memories are too painful • Suppression: A conscious choice not to indulge in a memory that you are aware of. • Repression: Deny that a memory even exists. o Denied because it has been judged it to be potentially disruptive to our psychological stability or our self-image....
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