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Scientific Method: 1. Formulate a problem. Hypothesis: Clear predictive statement. Theory is different from a hypothesis because it is an explanation that fits many observations and makes valid predictions. 2. Decide how to gather empirical data. Population: Entire group of individuals to be considered. Sample: A piece of the population. Representative Sample: Sample that closely resembles the population in its percentages of sex, race, age, etc. 3. Obtain empirical data. 4. Test your hypothesis. 5. Communicate your results. Parsimony: Scientists preference for the theory that explains the results using the simplest assumptions Variable: Anything that can change in value and is measured, manipulated, or controlled. Independent Variable: Variable that the experimenter manipulates to determine how it affects the dependent variable. Dependent Variable: Variable that the experimenter measures to determine how changes in the independent variable affect it.
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Unformatted text preview: Operational Definition: Definition that specifies the operations (or procedures) used to produce or measure something. A way to give it a numerical value. A major advantage of using experimental research is that you can test if a controlled variable affects some other variable. Requirements for an Experiment: 1. Manipulate at least one IV and measure at least one DV. 2. Compare at least two groups. 3. Randomly assign subjects to groups to cancel out individual differences. 4. Control for any systematic differences between conditions except for the manipulation of the IV. Experimental Group: Group that receives the treatment that an experiments is designed to test. Control Group: Group treated in the same way as the experimental group except for the procedure that the experiments is designed to test. Placebo Effect: People feel or see what they expect to feel or see....
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