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PSY_200_Test_1_Guide_1 - People at work Learning and...

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Introduction To Psychology and Research Methods Psychology : The systematic study of behavior and experience. Specializations in Psychology: Specialization: General Interest. Biopsychologist: Relationship between brain and behavior. Clinical Psychologist: Emotional difficulties. Cognitive Psychologist: Memory, thinking. Community Psychologist: Organizations and social structures. Counseling Psychologist: Helping people make important decisions. Developmental Psychologist: Changes in behavior over age. Educational Psychologist: Improvement of learning in school. Environmental Psychologist: How noise, heat, crowding, etc. affect behavior. Ergonomist: Communication between person and machine. Evolutionary Psychologist: Evolutionary history of behavior. Industrial/Organizational Psychologist:
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Unformatted text preview: People at work. Learning and Motivation Spet: Learning in humans and other species. Personality Psychologist: Personality differences. Psychometrician: Measuring intelligence, personality, interests. School Psychologist: Problems that affect schoolchildren. Social Psychologist: Group behavior, social influences. Wilhelm Wundt set up the first psychology laboratory. Objectives of Psychological Research: 1. Description 2. Prediction 3. Explanation 4. Control 5. Barnum Effect: a type of subjective validation in which a person finds personal meaning in statements that could apply to many people. Research is a critical process for asking and attempting to answer questions about the world. Psychology is a science because it uses the scientific method....
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