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- Insertions are at the rear of the queue and removals are at the front of the queue Circular queues with modular indexing: - Front is index of the front element - Rear is the index immediately past the rear element size() return (N – f + r) mod N isEmpty() return (f == r) Queue Implementations: Using arrays Using linked lists Lists ADT: - Models a sequence of positions storing arbitrary objects - Establishes a before/after relationship between positions Singly and doubly linked lists
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Unformatted text preview: Use of header and trailer nodes Generic List Insert and Delete Operations insert() - 1 delete() - 1 Vectors ADT:- Extends the notion of array by storing a sequence of arbitrary objects- An element can be accessed, inserted or removed by specifying its rank (number of elements preceding it) Array-Based Implementation Linked-Based Implementation Sequences ADT:- The union of the Vector and List ADTs- Elements accessed by rank or position...
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