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Data Structure: A systematic way of organizing and accessing data. (directed graph with node labels/assignments) Data Abstraction: To condense a complicated system down to its most fundamental parts and describe these parts in a simple, precise language. ADT (abstract data type): An abstraction of a data structure An ADT Specifies: - Data stored - Operations on data - Error conditions associated with operations - In Java, an ADT can be expressed by an interface. - The implementation of an ADT is a class. OO Language Features to Support Data Abstraction Encapsulation: Components of a software system should not show the internal details of their respective implementation. (What it does, not how it does it). Inheritance: A subclass inherits the implementation of its superclass and can add more
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Unformatted text preview: methods and variables. Polymorphism: If class T extends class S and redefines the method a(), then an object from class T that calls a() will use T’s method and an object from class S that is not also a T object will use S’s method. Thus, the object can take on many forms depending on the specific class the object is referring to. Algorithm: A step-by-step procedure for performing some task in a finite amount of time. Big Oh ∈ fn Οgn if for some constants c and n0 such that ≤ ∀ ≥ fn c∙gn n n0 Big Omega ∈ fn Ωgn if for some constants c and n0 such that ≥ ∀ ≥ fn c∙gn n n0 Big Theta ∈ fn θgn if for some constants c and n0 such that ( )≤ ≤ ∀ ≥ c1∙g n fn c2∙gn n n0...
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CSC_316_Midterm_Study_Guide_1 - methods and variables...

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