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* FUNCTIONS *An array can be passed as an input argument * The simplest function has no return value and has no parameter. *The array length can be specified in the function declaration void abort (void) - void days( int months[12] ) * The next simplest function has a return value but no parameter. *Make sure the passed in array length agrees with formal parameter lengths char getchar (void) - error checking for this occurs at compile time *Can return *Implicit length for the first dimension of a formal parameter is allowed but not for other dimensions - char, short, int, long, long long, float, double, long double - void days( int years[][12]) OK - structs, unions, enumerated constants, void, pointers - void days( int years[10][]) NOT OK * Cannot return arrays or functions, but can return pointers to both. *You can provide an array length as an input parameter to the function * Can only return one value if you need multiple values - void days( int nm, int months[nm] ) - return a struct , use global variables, or pass in pointers. - void days( int ny, int nm, int years[ny][nm] ) * 2 types of parameters or arguments to a function *Arrays are passed BY REFERENCE not by value, updates in the function update the caller’s array - formal or abstract: declared in the function definition *A block is a set of statements delimited by curly braces (e.g. body of a loop) - actual or concrete: variable values passed to the function at run time. *A variable declared outside of any block has global scope
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CSC_Test_2_Study_Guide_2 - *FUNCTIONS *An array can be...

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