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*Arithmetic *The ‘,’ separator (ex. j = k++, i = k) - multiply (*), divide (/), remainder (%), add (+), subtract (-) - evaluate expression left to right - results of a/b and a%b are undefined if b==0 - complete all side effects of left expression before evaluating right expression - modulus operator (%) operands must have type int, and should be positive - result is the value of the right expression Tokens Operator Class Prec. Associates a[k] subscripting postfix left-to-right f(…) function call postfix left-to-right . direct selection postfix left-to-right -> indirect selection postfix 16 left-to-right ++ -- increment, decrement postfix left-to-right (type) {init} literal postfix left-to-right ++ -- increment, decrement prefix right-to-left sizeof size unary right-to-left ~ bit-wise complement unary right-to-left ! logical NOT unary 15 right-to-left - + negation, plus unary right-to-left address of unary right-to-left * Indirection (deference) unary right-to-left (type) casts unary 14
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CSC_Test_1_Study_Guide_2 - *Arithmetic *The `,' separator...

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