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<assert.h> Testing for errors and printing helpful error messages void assert(int expression); <ctype.h> Classify characters, convert between upper and lower case int isalnum(int c); isalpha(c) or isdigit(c) int isalpha(int c); isupper(c) or islower(c) int iscntrl(int c); int isdigit(int c); int isgraph(int c); int islower(int c); int isprint(int c); int ispunct(int c); int isspace(int c); int isupper(int c); int isxdigit(int c); int tolower(int c); int toupper(int c); <errno.h> Testing error codes reported by library functions errno EDOM ERANG <limits.h> Defined constants specifying the implementation-specific properties of the integer types CHAR_BIT CHAR_MAX CHAR_MIN SCHAR_MAX SCHAR_MIN UCHAR_MAX SHRT_MAX SHRT_MIN USHRT_MAX INT_MAX INT_MIN UINT_MAX LONG_MAX LONG_MIN ULONG_MAX <math.h> Computing common mathematical functions HUGE_VAL double exp(double x ); double log(double x ); double log10(double x ); double pow(double x , double y ); double sqrt(double x ); double ceil(double x ); double floor(double x ); double fabs(double x ); double ldexp(double x , int n ); double frexp(double x , int* exp ); double modf(double x , double* ip ); double fmod(double x , double y ); double sin(double x ); double cos(double x );
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