Humanities 02.27.08

Humanities 02.27.08 - Humanities 02.27.08 I Final Exam a...

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Humanities 02.27.08 I. Final Exam a. Review session b. 2 Parts i. 2/3 essay questions : 2 essays 1. In specific themes and choices ii. 1/3 short answer questions : 20 questions (vary of degrees of difficulty) 1. What is the significant 2. Quotations 3. Theories c. Studying i. Important issues and themes that were discussed in class; how did it appears and what were the characters and authors view on the objectives 1. Laws 2. Nature of gods 3. Idea of family like 4. Assert people’s values 5. Forms of government (advantages and disadvantages) II. Friday and Monday – Greek structures slides a. Spelling and background information b. General ideas III. Literary genre a. Prose – no poetry i. Essay ii. Novel iii. History b. Poetry i. Narrative 1. Epic ii. Lyrics – expressions of emotion 1
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1. Hyms iii. Dramatic 1. Comedies 2. Tragedies IV. Oedipus a. Fate: overthrew his father and married his mother b. Met a half woman and lion – sings i. Ask a riddle – unable to answer – eats you 1. What walks on four feet in the morning – man (answer) c. Doesn’t know who he is d. Tragedy of seeing as knowledge i. Responsible problems e. Tears out to his eyes f.
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Humanities 02.27.08 - Humanities 02.27.08 I Final Exam a...

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