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recweek15 - happened or would happen There is more basis in...

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Recitation Week 15 “The Flower of Seven Colors” In this story, the author is trying to convey the idea of selfishness and how it does not benefit a person. The right thing to do, when given the chance, is to help another who is in more need than you. This is apparent in the story because every time Zhenya uses the magic flower for her own simple pleasure, it ends up terribly. When she finally uses it to benefit someone else, both her and the boy are happy. “Vladimir Ilych Will Wake Up Soon” In this story, Lenin wants to “fake” his death so he could see how the country goes without him. Since everyone blames things on him and “shields themselves with his name,” Lenin wanted to see how they would fair without him. This story is not so much a myth as it is a simple story, however it is not reality either. It is of course more real than traditional fairytales, but unlikely that it ever
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Unformatted text preview: happened or would happen. There is more basis in reality than to serve some “phenomenon.” “The Tale of the Pole” This Novina is similar in the Bylina in that it is in poem/song-like form. It uses old language and is also very repetitive at parts. Though Bylinas are usually more detailed than traditional Russian fairy tales, this Novina, among others, includes a lot of description and detail. They are based more on reality than a traditional fairy tale and Bylina, which usually have elements of magic and the supernatural. The objective of the heroes is to travel far and long to the North Pole and learn about the weather and how the earth works. Though many who tried did not succeed, the heroes did make it to the Pole and placed a Soviet flag on the pillar of the earth....
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recweek15 - happened or would happen There is more basis in...

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