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Humanities 02.29.08 - Humanities 02.29.08 I II III...

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Humanities 02.29.08 I. Classical age - define the whole class that it is part of by showing it at its best a. (e.g. classical age of western music - the best age of western music b. Look at the age of the Greeks and Romans - defines a period c. Characteristic of classical standard i. Western culture 1. Think go art in Greeks and Romans 2. Greek forms of art which unite two opposed thoughts as one 3. Greek visual arts - a unit of things a. strength and deliency b. Rest and action c. Dignity and personality d. Paint represents a class of people II. Hellas - the Greek name for Greece a. Hellenistic - characteristics of or relating to ancient Greek civilization; culture; customs III. Artists a. Myron - the disc thrower i. The moment before he throws the discs ii. Within all these emotions, the structure provides stability at the peak of motion iii. Action and rest act as a unit iv. Castle Apollo (during the age of 1. Represented as a young man full of muscles and thought 2. Masculine beauty represents as structural bodies
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3. The face - heave with thoughts; hair was painted b.
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Humanities 02.29.08 - Humanities 02.29.08 I II III...

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