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ps6 - 18.02 Problem Set 6 Due Thursday 12:45 pm in 2-106...

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Unformatted text preview: 18.02 Problem Set 6 Due Thursday 10/16/08, 12:45 pm in 2-106. Part A (7 points) Hand in the underlined problems only; the others are for more practice. Lecture 16. Thu Oct. 9 Partial differential equations. Review. Read: Notes P. Work: 2K/1, 2, 3, 4 , 5 . Lecture 17. Fri Oct. 10 Exam 2 covering lectures 9–16 Lecture 18. Tue Oct. 14 Double integrals. Read: 14.1–14.3; Notes I.1. Skip the theory. Concentrate on: Iterated integrals, pp. 942–944, Examples 2–4; Evaluation of double integrals, pp. 950–952 and No tes I.1; Calculation of area and volume 14.3. Work: 3A/1, 2abc , 3ab , 4abc , 5a bc, 6. Part B (13 points) Directions: Attempt to solve each part of each problem yourself. If you collaborate, solutions must be written up independently. It is illegal to consult materials from previous semesters. With each problem is the day it can be done. Write the names of all the people you consulted or with whom you collaborated and the resources you used....
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